About us


Driven by his love for the world’s fastest growing extreme sport, Ado Zlebcik established KiteLoop to deliver kitesurfing instruction to the very highest standards in the UAE.

Ado has been kitesurfing for over 10 years, and is a fully certified instructor, licensed by the IKO (International Kites Organisation) to teach both individuals and groups. He has significant international teaching experience and an unrivalled
passion for the sport.

KiteLoop places the emphasis on safety first, then learning, and finally fun at all times. Our IKO certified instructors take an honest and straightforward approach, strictly using teaching techniques, standards and methodology set put by the IKO. This ensures that students progress quickly and safely onto the water.

We believe strongly in the constantly evolving bond that we share with our clients and our service and sense of responsibility
continues well beyond the hours of instruction.